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Hoi An's new tourism festival gets fishy

DA NANG (VNS) — Hoi An City will organise for the first time a new tourism festival at Lang Beach in Cham Isle today.

Dem Cu Lao (Isle Night) will feature cultural activities and other entertainment like contests to mend fishing nets and packing banh it (three-cornered patty), a food market with seafood dishes and local specialties like sim (tomentose rose myrtle), and cha la (date palm). — VNS

Vietnam's ancient town to organize more night festivals to pull in tourists

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The ancient town of Hoi An has announced that they will turn a popular monthly festival into a fortnightly event to cater to the high demand of both tourists and locals.

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Lorsqu'on évoque ce pays du sud-est asiatique, beaucoup pensent encore à la guerre qui a pris fin en 1975. Aujourd'hui, le Vietnam offre un tout autre visage, et vous dévoilera des paysages grandioses ainsi qu'une histoire millénaire. Le pays d'une superficie de 331.000 km² est ouvert sur la mer de Chine sur toute sa façade orientale. Sa capitale est Hanoï (nord), mais Ho-Chi-Minh Ville (sud) est la plus grande ville du pays. Bénéficiant d'un climat tropical, Voyage vietnam, le Vietnam est un pays où il fait toujours chaud. A la période des moussons, le temps devient humide et des pluies torrentielles peuvent survenir, mais les caractéristiques varient en fonction de la latitude.


Giang, head of the town, said the festival called “Hoi An Ancient Town’s Night” will be organized on the first (new moon) and the 14th (full moon) of every lunar month, starting February.

Currently, the festival is known as a full moon celebration.


Giang also said authorities will see how residents and tourists respond to the change to consider adding even more nights, possibly making it a weekly event.

The Hoi An full moon festival was first introduced in 1998. It has received positive reviews and become a trademark of Hoi An's, various activities including a night market, bai choi singing (a kind of folklore art performance), flower garlands and lanterns’ releasing on the Hoai River and other street musical performances, the festival aims to recall the real life of Hoi An people in the early 20th century.

The number of tourists to Hoi An more than tripled every time the festival was organized, compared to normal days, statistics showed.

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Last year, the popular British travel site roughguides.com ranked the Hoi An full moon festival at number 15 on the world’s top “20 unforgettable things to do at night on your travels."

Hoi An was recognized by UNESCO in 1999 as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

The town sits on the ocean around 700 kilometers south of Hanoi. The nearest airport and train station are in Da Nang, a 30km drive away.

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